Monday, August 01, 2005

Creative Construction

I've been busy--and inspired--by a large-scale, all-encompassing project and have neglected The Procrastiwriter so early in its development.

Consider The Procrastiwriter under creative construction as I tweak and tug over the next few days, tapping into the world of resources and inspiration I've been revelling in this past month.

In the meantime, here's a challenge to you:

visit My Favorite Word . . . find out what words roll trippingly off of other tongues and give a shout out to some fave phrase of your own.

My two cents: bumbershoot (British term for umbrella) not only sounds fittingly like a curse word--Bumbershoot! It's raining again!--it's the name of a Wet Coast urban arts festival in soggy Seattle. I'm also pretty fond of gobsmacked, a state I find myself in when thinking of the royalties being racked up by one JK Rowling of Harry Potter fame.